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Cross-Country Ski Skins

For a maximum of fun on cross-country ski runs

For classic cross-country skiing with diagonal strides, most skis have integrated skins. The construction of the skis makes it possible for the skins to barely touch the snow when gliding. When pushing off, the ski is pressed into the snow underneath and the skins grip well. Colltex offers replacement skins for most of its classic cross-country skis. Depending on your technical skills or the trail topography, you may choose between two types of skins: **The blue ALLROUND skins** are made of a mixed weave of 65% mohair and 35% polyamide. The synthetic material provides a good grip on the trail and is abrasion-resistant. We recommend skins made of this mixed weave for hard, icy conditions, wet snow, or steep trails. They are suitable for athletes who appreciate a good grip or are still working on improving their running technique. **The anthracite BEST-GLIDE skins** are made of 100% mohair. These ski skins glide optimally, especially in cold, dry snow. The grip on the trail is slightly less good compared to the mixed-weave skins. These skins are suitable for athletes with a good, classic skiing technique. [Changing cross-country skins is easy]( Remove the currently mounted skins, stick them onto the paper supplied or dispose of them, dry the milling, stick on the new skins starting from the tip in the weave direction, press on well and wax before running. **Have fun on the trail!**
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