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Mohair, mix and synthetic

the most important materials

The demands made on ski skins are quite varied. They have to work in an optimum manner in different snow, temperature, and weather conditions. Thus, a manufacturer tries to achieve the best possible results with the properties offered by the different materials – the weave, the quality of the fi bre, the length of the pile, and other factors. For a description of the most important materials, see below:
**100% Mohair** Mohair wool comes from the long, curly hair of the Angora goat, also called a mohair goat. Mohair is one of highest quality fi bres nature has to offer and also popular for jumpers and upholstery fabrics. «Mohair» is derived from the Arabic word «muhayyar», which translates into «cloth made of goat hair». About four kilograms of yarn are obtained per animal and year by shearing. Thus, no goat has to die to obtain its precious hair. The hair of the mohair goat is water-repellent and, at the same time, moisture- absorbing, which reduces the formation of snow build-up and allows for a light ski skin. The hair remains supple, even in very cold weather, and glides extremely well thanks to its natural structure. On the other hand, mohair wears down faster, in particular in hard spring snow, and has less grip than a purely synthetic fabric. *At Colltex, the PALÜ Crystal and RACE Crystal ski skins are made of 100% mohair.*
**Mixed Weave (65% Mohair / 35% Polyamide)** The mixed weave skins offer a proven combination of the advantages of both mohair and synthetics. This combines good climbing properties with gliding properties that increasingly match those of pure mohair. As a rule, the ratio of mohair to synthetics is approx. 65% to 35%. The share of synthetics moreover increases abrasion resistance and, thus, durability. This ski skin is a good choice for recreational skiers who demand quality. *At Colltex, the TÖDI Crystal ski skins are made of this mixed weave.*
**100% Synthetics** Most synthetic ski skins are made of polyamide fibres. In recent years, they have been further developed though. Synthetic ski skins are durable, abrasion- resistant, robust, and can even withstand contact with rocks. Besides, they offer excellent grip – in fact, their climbing properties are legendary on hard, icy surfaces. Their less than perfect gliding performance due to the rather dull hair has been improved over the years. *Colltex is a leader in this field with the products LUCENDRO Crystal (Techfibre) and the VRENELI (Profibre).*
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