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The winners and the professionals rely on Colltex ski skins

Beyond its entrepreneurial activities, colltex is strongly committed to ski touring. Thus, we support the regional Ski Mountaineering Centres East, West, and Valais – financially and by providing racing material. In addition, we have the world’s best touring skiers under contract, who belong to the SAC elite squad. Therefore, colltex is closely linked to elite sports. On the one hand, this co-operation helps the athletes, on the other one, it provides us with the information necessary to continually improve and develop new products.
Andreas Steindl
Racer Ski tours
Déborah Chiarello
Racing skier Ski tours
Jennifer Fiechter
Racing skier Ski tours
Thomas Corthay
Racer Ski tours
Victoria Kreuzer
Racing skier Ski tours
Werner Marti
Racer Ski tours
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