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Colltex ski skin service

Ski skin recoated and ready for the next season

If your ski skins no longer stick optimally due to dirt or intensive use, then there are two variants. You can renew the adhesive layer yourself with the appropriate Colltex [layer renewing]( Or you can have your ski skins recoated by the professionals at Colltex. You can bring the skins to your sports shop or send them directly to us in Glarus. Of course, we also offer this service for defective ski skins. This can be a crack or defective fastenings. If you are not sure, please send us a photo of your skins for evaluation. The Colltex ski fur service is only available within Switzerland and FL. **PRICES SKIFELL-SERVICE:** New coating: CHF 59.00 *(plus shipping CHF 12.00)* Ski skin repair: CHF 29.00 *(plus shipping CHF 12.00)* **SPECIAL OFFER LAYER RENEWING:** In the months of April, May and June we make the new coating for the special price of CHF 49.-
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