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Your reliable partner on the mountain for over 50 years

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Coronavirus - how do I order my ski skin?

If possible, you order it online or by phone from your [sports retailer]( - or directly from [Colltex](
We produce your ski skin custom-made and send it to your home within 5 working days.

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Professionals rely on Colltex

To the athletes
Patrouille des Glaciers from 27 April - 3 May 2020 Colltex as Sponsor Supporter

Next spring the toughest ski touring race in the world will take place again from Zermatt to Verbier. Many athletes rely on the ski skins from Colltex. Also Deborah Chairello (1st place PdG 2018) and Werner Marty (2nd place PdG 2018) are running with Colltex again. As sponsor supporter we support the event and the athletes.

More knowledge about the ski skin

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Recoating hotmelt adhesive
Cutting Ready ski skin to size

Inventor of the first ski skin

Hans Fischli invented the worlds first truly functional, safe ski skin. Since then, the spirit of Glarner inventors and inventors at colltex is alive. Research is ongoing, trends are recognized and set, and the Schifelle is developed innovatively and qualitatively.

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