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Information on choosing the right ski skin

**A Colltex ski skin is a high-quality textile product. It is our claim that it works perfectly at different temperatures, applications and snow types.** The pile side of a ski skin consists of 100% mohair (angora goat), a mixed fabric (65% mohair /35% polyamide) or 100% synthetic. For beginners and all-rounders we recommend a mix fabric with good climbing characteristics, whereas an experienced touring skier can choose a 100% mohair ski fur with optimal gliding characteristics. We use the hotmelt or acrylate coating as the adhesive layer. We recommend the proven Hotmelt to touring cyclists who are heavier users and on touring weeks. When not in use, a net is inserted to protect the adhesive surfaces. The acrylic coating is a good choice for pleasure ski tourers. This can be used without a cover net. **Choose your optimal ski skin:**
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