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10 reasons

to choose Colltex ski skins

**01 | Your safety on the mountain** In all tests, Colltex ski skins ranked top in terms of performance and safety. **02 | Your ecological footprint** Colltex is one of the few manufacturers to forgo to use environmentally harmful fluorine waterproofi ng and, thus, protect nature against damage. **03 | The Colltex ski skin fi ts into your backpack** The Colltex ski skin is light, supple, and has a small packing size. **04 | You will conserve your strength on the mountain** The structure of the high-quality Colltex fabric enables you to climb and glide on the mountain in an optimum manner. **05 | Your Colltex ski skin will not fray** We are the only manufacturers who produce the Colltex Edge coating, which prevents any fraying of the ski skin. **06 | The perfect fi t of your ski skin** We know all «common» ski shapes and CAD-cut your ski skin to accurately fit your ski. **07 | Your ski skin will stay dry** With the Colltex Drybase process, we seal the back and achieve an optimum bond to the adhesive. **08 | Your ski skin sticks** We use an adhesive technology developed over many years. Colltex ski skins reliably adhere to the skis – even in very cold weather. **09 | We are at your service** We are a traditional Swiss enterprise and offer competent advice and customeroriented services. **10 | We develop new things for you** Thanks to our personal ski-touring competence, new materials, and attachment systems, we are developing tomorrow’s ski skins already today.
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