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Vreneli - Explorer

Colltex has reinvented ski skins

Vreneli skins are the result of our patented Profibre technology. Both their climbing and gliding performance, which otherwise tend to be contradictory, are of the highest level. The Profibre material is highly abrasion-resistant and stays as good as new, even after thousands of metres of climbing. These lightweight skins have a small packing size. There is no need for nets in the mountains – just for storage purposes. Besides, their production requires 50% less resources than others.
We recommend Vreneli ski skins to all ski tourers interested in new products and ready to appreciate the good grip and gliding properties of the Vreneli skins – whether they are inexperienced or professional athletes.

The Vreneli ski skins will be available in sports shops and the Colltex online shop from autumn 2024.
## PRODUCT DETAILS | Material | 100% Profibre | | | - | | | | Skin Colour | Darkgreen | | | Adhesion | Hotmelt blue | | | Weight | 89 gram (Skin 60mm x 150cm) | |
## CHARACTERISTIC | Grip | Excellent Grip with all snow conditions | | | - | | | | Glide | Very good gliding characteristics | | | Handling | Use of protective netting for storing | | | Touring Type | Beginner to Pro | |

Locally produced with Swiss materials, you may trust in the fabulous Colltex quality and know-how «made in Switzerland».


Colltex has developed and patented the special Profibre technology of its Vreneli ski skins. The result is a pioneering and trend-setting innovation to accompany you on your tours.


Vreneli skins are designed for all types of requirements – from leisure tours to competitions. The Profibre technology is perfectly reliable no matter the snow conditions.


The Profibre fabric guarantees top grip and glide, ideal for all types of tours. With our Vreneli skins, you will be able to improve your stride, plus have a more secure grip when climbing.


Due to their design, Vreneli ski skins are significantly lighter than conventional ones. With noticeably less weight, being on the move will be much more fun.


The materials and design of the Vreneli ski skins significantly reduce their packing size. This makes for better handling and less volume, saving space in your backpack.


The Profibre fabric is robust, abrasion-resistant, and remains good as new even after tousands of meters. Even with intensive use, you will be able to enjoy your ski skins that much longer.


Vreneli ski skins are equipped with our water-repellent Colltex Drybase. This will keep your skins dry, light, and reduce snow build-up. With more efficient skins, you will have much more fun.


Unlike conventional ski skins, Vreneli skins do not contain any animal fibres, so you can start your tour with a clear conscience when it comes to nature and animal welfare.


Colltex does not use any pollutants such as a PFC impregnation for its Vreneli skins. Wax your skins with a conventional product and, thus, protect nature.


Fewer components, produced in Switzerland, and shorter transport distances make the Vreneli skins a regional product, using fewer resources. You go on tour with sustainable skins.

Inspired by the Legend of Verena’s Little Garden

Since 1948, Colltex has been developing and producing innovative ski skins for the world market at the foot of the Glärnisch massif. Inspired by this Alpine legend, we called our latest innovation with its own patented technology «Vreneli». Courageous and determined like the «Vreneli» of the saga, we never hesitated to follow our dreams – that’s how we developed and patented our pioneering mountaineering ski-skin technology. Unlike Vreneli however, we were privileged to realize our vision. We proudly present our Vreneli skins with their fabulous grip and gliding properties and are pleased to say that many ski tourers are quite enthusiastic about this highly efficient innovation. You, too, may benefit from the advantages of the Vreneli ski skins by Colltex: invented, tested, and produced at the foot of Verena’s Little Garden.

Setting new standards

The Colltex "Vreneli" ski skins with Profibre technology set new standards in the production of ski skins. With the new technology, the fibres are applied and processed in a patented process and not woven as with conventional ski skins. The process offers various advantages. [Read full article...](

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