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Peltonen Nordic Skins

Skin Pro 384 x 36 mm, Best Glide

100% Mohair – the excellent gliding alternative to your usual cross-country ski skins BEST-GLIDE skins are made of 100% mohair yarn from Angora goats and have excellent gliding properties. They are ideal for fresh, cold, and dry snow. 100% mohair skins are suitable for athletes with a good running technique and professionals who love optimal gliding conditions. The grip is slightly less good compared to a mixed-weave skin. [Changing cross-country skins is easy]( Remove the currently mounted skins, stick them onto the supplied paper or dispose of them, dry the milling, stick on the new skins starting from the tip in the weave direction, press on well and wax before running.

Price CHF 39.00

## PRODUCT DETAILS | Material | 100% Mohair | | | - | | | | Skin Colour | Anthrazite | | | Adhesion | Hotmelt | |
## CHARACTERISTIC | Grip | Good Grip with all snow conditions | | | - | | | | Glide | Excellent gliding characteristics | | | Touring Type | Advanced to Pro | |

Peltonen Skin Cut 384 x 36 mm, 100% Mohair

Good to know

**Cross-Country Ski Skins – the Differences** When you buy classic cross-country skis with skins strips, the skins used by the manufacturer are installed as standard. However, you may want cross-country ski skins with a better glide and grip. Or you may want to replace your existing cross-country skins after intensive use. Colltex offers the spot-on alternative for almost all models.
eco skinproof 125 ml
The environmentally friendly spray for water-repellent ski skins - for fewer snow build-up and better gliding.
Price: CHF 15.00
Express universal wax
The handy wax suitable for ski skins and skis - prevents snow build-up and improves the gliding characteristics.
Price: CHF 14.00
Quickspray 75ml
Quickspray is the best option for a spontaneous re-coating on the evening before a tour. As quickspray should dry for 15 minutes, its application on the mountain is not ideal.
Price: CHF 18.00
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