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Changing Skins for Cross-Country Skiing

For more grip and speed on the cross-country run

**For cross-country skiing, opt for Colltex skins in these conditions:** - Don’t have enough grip on the ski run? Switch to Colltex ALLROUND skins with 35% synthetic. - Progress not speedy enough on the run? Switch to BEST GLIDE skins by Colltex made of 100% Mohair. - Your skins are too worn? Fit replacement ALLROUND or BEST GLIDE skins by Colltex. Changing the skins of cross-country skis is easy:
1. Peel off worn skins with a blade

Best remove skins from the tip down with a blade. To make it easier to scrape the glue off, heat the skins with a hairdryer.

2. Store skins

To store them, stick removed skins on the siliconized paper strips enclosed – or discard them.

3. Dry the recess

Dry the exposed recess with a cloth and remove any adhesive residue with the help of a hairdryer.

4. Attach new skins

Remove the protective foil and attach the new skins from the tip. Once they fit snugly, press them into place.

5. Wax new skins

Wax new skins in the direction of the pile to get the best glide result with either hard or liquid wax.

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