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pro-skin socks

The efficient protection of the ski skin adhesive layer

The pro-skin socks made of high-quality synthetic are used to protect the ski skin adhesive layer. It is the alternative to cover nets. In wind and weather, the pro-skin socks have the advantage that the adhesive side of the ski skins are less exposed to the weather by directly covering the sock. Furthermore, the ski skins do not twist in the wind and it is avoided that adhesive layer sticks to adhesive layer. To dry, the ski skins are removed from socks and packed away again when dry. If necessary, the socks can be washed at 40 degrees.

Price  21.00 CHF

1. Your hand into the sock

Slide your hand into the colltex pro-skin sock and pull the skin sock over your arm.

2. Remove the skin one third from the ski

Using your "skin sock hand", remove about one third of the skin from the ski base.

3. Pull the skin sock over

Pull the skin sock over this third of the ski skin.

4. Lay the rest of the ski skin around the skin sock

Remove the rest of the skin from the ski base and lay it to the skin sock wiht the adhesive surface in contact with the sock. Lightly press the skin against the sock.

5. Store the skin in the skin tote bag

Store the ski skins in the colltex skin tote bag. You must dry wet or damp skins once you get home.

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