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natural skin+ ski wax 25g

The wax that is always with you in your backpack

The natural skin+ ski wax is a purely natural paraffin wax which completely decomposes in nature within a few days. The wax is perfect for snow temperatures from 0 to -30 degrees and air temperatures from +10 to -30 degrees. The "rub-on-wax" is ideal for waxing the ski skins before the ascent to avoid the formation of clefts and ice. The ski can also be waxed with the natural wax before the descent. The wax application is preferably polished with a cloth. The wax is very economical and the can is closed with a screw cap. The packaging is recyclable. The natural skin+ ski wax is the compact care product in your backpack for use on the road.

Price CHF 14.00

The video on the perfect use of wax

The athete Deborah Chiarello from the Swiss Mountaineering Team will show you how the pros prepare their ski skins for the snow.
Skinproof & skin wax

Tips on the use of wax

**Use of natural skin+ ski wax** *When you apply the ski skin before the tour, you can still wax your ski skin with the natural skin+ski wax or the express universal wax. With it you press the ski skin also well on the ski.*
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