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eco skinproof 125 ml

The impregnation spray for a water-repellent ski skin

Due to the impregnation with eco skinproof, the pile side of the ski skin hardly absorbs any water, glides better and protects the ski skin from dirt. The environmentally friendly impregnation spray eco skinproof was developed especially for the textile-technical requirements of a ski skin. After application, the impregnation should dry well or even be additionally activated with heat. Regular use of eco skinproof pays off with better performance on the mountain.

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The video for correct impregnation

The athete Deborah Chiarello from the Swiss Mountaineering Team will show you how the pros prepare their ski skins for the snow.
Skinproof & skin wax

Impregnation tips

**use of eco skinproof** *Impregnate your ski skin the evening before the tour at the latest. This allows the impregnation to dry well*. **Activate the impregnation** *With warmth you can additionally activate the impregnation. A normal hairdryer is best suited for this purpose.* **Additional growth** *When you apply the ski skin before the tour, you can still wax your ski skin with the natural skin+ski wax or the express universal wax. With it you press the ski skin also well on the ski.*
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