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Treatment of ski skins for perfect glide

Colltex has always maintained an intensive exchange of experience with top athletes. They provide us with valuable inputs and, thus, help us optimize our products. To prevent snow build-up on and an icing over of your skins as far as possible – especially in extremely cold weather – we recommend that the skins be regularly treated with «skin+ski wax» or «eco skinproof». Both products were developed by colltex and specifically designed to meet the needs of customers and noticeably improve gliding properties. When walking, be careful to glide as perfectly as possible and NOT lift the ski, but SLIDE it. This reduces the risk of snow build-up and icing over. Extreme cold, frozen skins and cold skis can affect the adhesive properties of your skins. Therefore, regularly check the adhesion layer and, if necessary, re-coat the skins. Very important: NEVER bring the skins in from the cold into a warm place for assembly, as condensation will affect the adhesive properties.
eco skinproof 125 ml
The environmentally friendly impregnation spray for a water-repellent skin - for fewer snow build-up and better gliding.
Price:  14.00 CHF
Express universal wax
The handy wax suitable for ski skins and skis - prevents snow build-up and improves the gliding characteristics.
Price:  13.00 CHF
Natural skin+ ski wax
The 100% biodegradable wax for skins and skis. An ideal wax to take away with a practical format to put in your backpack.
Price:  14.00 CHF
The pro-skin socks are the alternative to the protective netting. They are easy to handle and protect the adhesive surfaces from dirt and drying out.
Price:  21.00 CHF
Protective net 140mm/95cm
The reusable protective net prevents soiling and drying of the hotmelt adhesive layer.
Price:  17.00 CHF
Protective net 90mm/95cm
The reusable protective net prevents soiling and drying of the hotmelt adhesive layer.
Price:  13.00 CHF
Ski-skin bag
The attractive polyester skin tote bag to store and transport your skin in. Warning: do not use to keep wet skins in.
Price:  10.00 CHF
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