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express universal wax 40g

The handy wax for ski skins and skis

The express universal wax is the ideal wax for all applications. When applying the skin, we recommend pressing directly with express universal wax in the direction of the hair. The skin adheres perfectly and is waxed. In combination with the eco skinproof, the skin is well impregnated, there are virtually no boots and the skin glides superbly. The ski can also be waxed with express universal wax before the descent. Express universal wax is also suitable for hot waxing the skis. When waxing with an iron, the remaining wax must always be removed with a blade after it has cooled - otherwise the wax can adversely affect the adhesion of the skin.

Price CHF 14.00

The video on the perfect use of wax

The athete Deborah Chiarello from the Swiss Mountaineering Team will show you how the pros prepare their ski skins for the snow.
Skinproof & skin wax

Tips on the use of wax

**Use of express universal wax** *When you apply the ski skin before the tour, you can still wax your ski skin with the natural skin+ski wax or the express universal wax. With it you press the ski skin also well on the ski.*
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