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Each touring skier knows that choosing the right skin can decide whether you will enjoy your tour or succeed in a competition. Quite apart from safety issues. What may be equally as important is the correct preparation of the skins, the practical accessories to use on tour and the care spent on your skins afterwards. Colltex has put together a complete range of care products to turn your tour into a perfect experience. Everything is perfectly matched to your colltex ski skins.
Eco Skinproof 125 ml
- Impregnating agent for ski skins - Effective against snow build-up - Improves gliding characteristics - Use before tour
Price:  14.00 CHF
Ski+Skin Wax 50g
This wax made of special paraffin waterproofs and prevents snow buildup. It improves the gliding characteristics of your ski skin. Suitable for your skis, too. Ideal for travelling.
Price:  19.00 CHF
Express wax 40g
- Handy wax for the tour - Prevents snow build-up - Improves gliding characteristics - Suitable for ski skins and skis
Price:  12.00 CHF
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