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10 Ski-Skin Tips

by professionals

TIP 01 - Attachment

Before attaching the ski skin, dry the ski base, glue the ski skin to the ski without stretching it and press it down with a block of wax.

TIP 02 - Walking Technique

Pull the ski within the track and try not to lift it. This way the ski skin glides in an optimum manner, hardly forms any snow build-up, and you will save energy as well.

TIP 03 - Sliding

Avoid sliding back on steep terrain by shifting your weight backwards to the heel. This will put your weight on the entire length of the ski skin, and its grip on the snow will improve.

TIP 04 - Stride Length

Take shorter steps on steep or diffi cult stretches. In this manner, your centre of gravity will be better centred above the ski and stable.

TIP 05 - Snow Build-Up

A change from moist to dry, cold snow can cause snow build-up. Remove the build-up and dry the ski skin with a cloth. Wax the skin in the direction of the pile.

TIP 06 - Short Descents

When skiing downhill with ski skins attached, close the binding at the back to avoid falling forwards. However, long downhill runs on frozen snow put great strain on the fi bre pile.

TIP 07 - Detachment

In windy conditions, put the ski on the ground, fold back the rear half of the ski skin, attach the protective net and stick the second half of the skin onto it. Or use the Colltex pro-skin sock.

TIP 08 - Attachments and Detachments

During a downhill course, stick your skins in the front of your jacket. Your body heat will make the skin cool down less and the grip will remain better.

TIP 09 - Skin Adhesion Fails

Place adhesive layer on adhesive layer and thus reactivate the hotmelt adhesive. Or use the practical Colltex quicktex. This will help with all ski skins.

TIP 10 - Care and Maintenance

After the tour equals before the tour. Dry your ski skin, check its adhesive strength, and waterproof the skin side. Reap the rewards of this procedure on your next tour…

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