Verena, born in Zell am See in 1997, just 18 years old now, is about to graduate from grammar-school. Asked why she turned to ski touring, she said: “At age 14, I got my first alpine touring gear and began to tour with my father. When I watched a competition, I was thrilled by the athletes and of how fast and ambitious they were. From then on I decided to try ski-touring races myself. I started with my first little race and soon began to train harder. That’s how I discovered one of my passions: ski mountaineering competitions.“ It did not take long and she garnered her first successes. In 2015, a full 7 international successes were added to the list. Congratulations! We welcome our youngster to the colltex Rider Team.
Selected Results
2015 3rd rank, World Championship, Vertical; 5th rank
  Individual, Veriber 2015 1st rank, World Cup, Vertical, Prato Nevoso
  3rd rank, World Cup, Individual, Prato Nevoso
  3rd rank, World Cup, Vertical, Font Blanca
  1st rank, Mountain Attack, Sprint, Schattberg