Who is Geri Bauer? Or better: what does Geri Bauer do exactly?
The answer: he is a trainer at Olympiazentrum Salzburg, head coach of a ski club, massage therapist, spa therapist, mountain bike instructor, racing bike instructor, ski instructor, snowboard instructor, nordic walking instructor... and that’s only the beginning. If Geri Bauer is not working at the Olympic Centre, he tends to be on a bike and break new records. Or he is on his skis in the mountains – including ski mountaineering on the level of technical competitions and tailrunning (app. 30 competitions a year!) A genuinely thoroughbred athlete with ambitiions and incredible successes. We are proud to count Geri Bauer among our riders. For more, cf. www.bauergerald.com
Selected Results
2013Race Across America in 9 Days, 20h
2010Transaustria: record holder with the fastest West-East crossing of Austria
  24h MTB Vice European Champion and 24h MTB World Champion
 2nd rank, Race Around Austria
20091st rank, Florence Marathon
 1st, rank, Eddy Merckx Trophy