1. fibre pile + basic fabric
  2. colltex edge
  3. waterproof laminate
  4. backing material (COMBIN without backing material)
  5. colltex hotmelt / silicone / acrylate adhesion
A climbing skin is a highly technical product requiring specialized engineering expertise, highly differentiated material knowledge and the latest know-how of produc- tion engineering. From the outset, colltex gave top priority to these requirements and, therefore, established its own technical laboratory. Its choice of top-quality materials, the most modern and environmentally sound and sustainable production methods, and the introduction of a consistent quality control turned colltex into a world-renowned high-quality product.

The colltex R&D team maintains a permanent exchange of experience with professional circles and closely works with external experts.
Their assessments, knowledge, and experience regularly flow into the development of new colltex products.
Our three most important partners are:

WSL – Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos.

EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Sience and Technology, Dübendorf, St. Gallen und Thun.

iTV – Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf, Germany.