colltex/technical benefits

For the sake of quality assurance and to further develop the colltex skins, their climbing and gliding properties are regularly reviewed by the WSL institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF), Davos.
colltex edge+, the high-tech material, prevents lateral fraying. This renders any edge sealing superfluous. Ideal for those who size and trim their colltex skins themselves.
A waterproof membrane makes sure that colltex skins will remain dry even in wet snow or on long ski tours. In addition, their pile is treated to be water-repellent.
The length of the pile and its weave play a crucial role in the climbing properties of the skins. With its proprietary weave, colltex assures a secure grip while climbing.
Pile length, mohair quality, adhesive spreading, water impermeability and its extremely light construction meet the requirements of professional racers for a super-fast skin of minimal weight.