colltex ct40

Material100% mohair
Touring typeprofessional + alpine guide
Advantagetop adhesion at all temperatures –50° to 50°
Weight210 g (1 skin, no fixation)
Extreme temperature fluctuations leave this skin cold. Whether at –50°C or +50°C, colltex ct40 with its silicone adhesive layer and its pile made of 100% mohair delivers what it promises: best gliding and best grip – even on wet spring corn snow or arctic ice snow. No wonder professional backcountry skiers and expeditions rely on colltex ct40. Extra tip: on tour without protective netting? No problem – simply roll up your skins – and you’re done.
straight skin in fixed widths of 60-90 mm
custom-made skin CAD cut-to-measure
for the desired ski model
or standard fit (PDF)
cut-to-fit-sets Do-it-yourself
or by the sport goods retailer
camlock The proven attachment system for waisted ski skins, glued, without rivets. Attached at the tip and tightened at the tail with tapes and plastic tail hooks. Made of stainless metal and unbreakable plastic.
classic The attachment system for lightning-fast attachment. With stainless-steel clip to attach to the ski tips, however without tail attachment.

Technical characteristics
  1. fibre pile + basic fabric
  2. colltex edge
  3. waterproof laminate
  4. backing material
  5. ct40 adhesive layer
  6. cross-section of the yarn
  7. Mohair 100 %