Modelcolltex PDG RACE
Material100% mohair
Adhesionhotmelt, light blue
Advantagethe fastest + lightest high-class skin
Weight0,095 g/cm2
PDG RACE was especially developed by colltex for the needs of competitors, taking into account the conditions of professional competitions. The extraordinary construction of the fabric and the skin pile made of 100% mohair result in a signifi cant reduction in weight and make PDG RACE an extremely fast and light-weight skin. An advantage in gaining time.
straight skin in fixed widths of 60-90 mm
custom-made skin CAD cut-to-measure
for the desired ski model
or standard fit (PDF)
cut-to-fit-sets Do-it-yourself
or by the sport goods retailer
classic The attachment system for particularly fast attachments. With the new frontal ACE. attachment. Simply clip onto the ski tip – and you’re done.

race fix The “magic bullet” for a speedy attaching and detaching of skins to racing skis.The perfect solution for competitors.

Technical characteristics
  1. fibre pile + basic fabric
  2. colltex edge
  3. waterproof laminate
  4. backing material
  5. hotmelt raw adhesion
  6. cross-section of the yarn
  7. Mohair 100 %