3 Adhesions
by colltex

With colltex you are spoilt for choice: you cannot only choose from among several skin qualities with quite different characteristics but also from among matching adhesive layers. Entirely according to your ideas and habits. And because colltex knows how individual your needs are, we have 3 types of adhesions in our line:
The traditional, environmentally sound, first-generation resin adhesive has proven its worth a million times on day tours, mountain tours, expeditions, and in competitions. This colltex classic is suitable for all skin qualities. A highly reliable companion on your tours.

The adhesive of the second generation. The silicone adhesive layer developed by colltex on the basis of molecular technology is a true innovation. It offers easier handling during attachment and detachment, an improved adhesion at all temperatures from –50 to +50°C and the very best characteristics – whether on wet or icy corn snow in spring or frozen, hard-packed snow.

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The ultimate acrylic-based adhesion technology – with all the characteristics of a «skin without adhesive» and sensational advantages: no sticking together when folded, no protective netting or pro-skin necessary, ultrafast and effortless attaching and detaching, no loss of adhesion and extremely temperature-resistant. Besides, the new whizzz tape allows you to re-coat your skin yourself– simply, quickly, and without heat. A world first!

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