3 Adhesions
by colltex

With colltex you are spoilt for choice: you cannot only choose from among several skin qualities with quite different characteristics but also from among matching adhesive layers. Entirely according to your ideas and habits. And because colltex knows how individual your needs are, we have 3 types of adhesions in our line:
The traditional, ecologically safe, and solvent-free resin adhesive has proven its worth for 50 years. Even at low temperatures, this colltex classic is suitable for day trips, high-altitude tours, expeditions, and competitions.

The silicone adhesion developed by colltex based on molecular technology is a true innovation. Its top advantages are: 30% less pack size, because it manages without liner thanks to the colltex primer with its silicone layer, which renders it ultra light. Substantially quick attachment and detachment, even better adhesion at temperatures between – 50°C and + 50°C. Novelty: simply fold the skins – non-stick adhesive layer to non-stick adhesive layer. Another special feature: the adhesive layer is phosphorescent and glows in the dark.

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The ultimate, acrylic-based adhesive technology – with all the characteristics of a “skin without adhesive”. The advantages: no sticking together when folded, no protective netting necessary and no pro skin, ultra-quick attachment and detachment of skins without loss of adhesion and extremely temperatureresistant.

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