Sensational: Swiss company colltex wins the ISPO-Award 17/18 !

ISPO Munich is not only the largest sports fair of the world and, thus, the meeting place of international sports products manufacturers, but also the place where, every year, the “Oscar” of the sports industry is awarded. Each year, an independent jury of 45 experts from 13 countries and 2 continents decides which product and which company is to be awarded a prize. Prizes are awarded to the most innovative products and outstanding achievements.

As before every awards ceremony, there is great tension among the participants... This year, the jury decided: “And the Oscar goes to......colltex!” In the “Ski/Ski Tour” category, COMBIN, the new colltex ski skin, was selected be-cause of its truly sensational features and its product idea: COMBIN is an ultra-light skin with 30% less packing mass as it makes do without a liner. COMBIN can easily be folded –
adhesive layer to adhesive layer – without sticking. No protective netting, no film or pro skin required. Thanks to molecular silicone adhesion, it offers substantially faster attachment and detachment.
The jury was also impressed by the new and conspicuous print design of the colltex skins and – this is really spectacular and new – the phosphorescent adhesive layer, which glows in the dark.

For this small and traditional company from the Glarus region, the ISPO Award is a great honour and recognition for their tireless research in the field of ski-skin manufacturing.

Available at your dealers starting autumn 2017.

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