50 years ago, Glarus inventor Hans Fischli had an ingenious idea here…
In 1968, in the Canton of Glarus, in the very centre of Switzerland, nestled in the fascinating and beautiful world of the Glarus Alps with the Tödi mountain towering over everything, Hans Fischli had a brainwave: in search of the “perfect ski skin”, he replaced the problematic adhesive wax with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that only stuck to the skin and could be used several times. The world’s first really functional and safe ski skin was invented.

Even today, a full 50 years later, the spirit of the tinkerers and inventors at colltex is as alive as ever. We are pleased to celebrate this with all our employees, partners, suppliers, advisors, co-creators, riders, sports retailers and – above all – our customers.
The sports world is simply fascinating. Hardly any other industry considers it equally important to find out how the wind blows. Identifying trends in time is a must for success. Once the trend is recognized, it takes a lot more however: a vision for a specific product, being fascinated by sports and thrilled by an idea, the courage to break new ground, years of experience and, of course, state-ofthe- art technical know-how.

For all the innovative skills, we at colltex however never lose sight of the most important aspect: the main task of a a colltex climbing skin is to take you safely and comfortably to your destination. For this, we rely on our experience and our on-going dialogue with mountain guides, competition skiers, freeriders, passionate backcountry skiers, and sports-goods retailers.